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When Circumstances Have Changed, Get Personal Representation


  • Are you currently unable to pay your child support due to a change in income?

  • Is your ex-spouse not providing a suitable living environment for your child?

These are concerns that often arise in cases involving post-divorce modification. Due to uncertainties that life can present, parents may need to make changes to a divorce order to properly provide for themselves and their children. Some post-divorce modification disputes can be resolved amicably outside the courtroom, while other cases require confident litigation.


Our domestic relations lawyer Terry R. Hansen, with offices located in the Portland, Oregon area, assists clients with simple to complicated post-divorce modification issues. We are sensitive to our clients' needs and offer beneficial solutions in a cost-effective manner. Our firm is focused on achieving realistic goals and offers honest, compassionate legal counsel throughout the legal process.


If you are seeking representation that is committed to protecting the future of you and your family, put your trust in our firm. We have the experience and dedication you deserve.


Contact Our Law Firm Today

To make an appointment for an initial consultation with attorney Terry R. Hansen, please call 888-875-8271 toll free or fill out a simple contact formtoday.


Helping You Make Adjustments to Child Custody and Support

Whether one parent is not making support payments on time or you need to gain custody of your child due to improper care, being educated about what legal options you have is very important. In any case of post divorce modification, you need to prove that there is a significant change in circumstances in order to adjust the amount of support received or to reestablish custody agreements. Although these matters are quite difficult in general, attorney Terry R. Hansen has extensive experience protecting the best interests of clients and will work diligently for you and your child's best interests.


Contact us immediately if you need to seek modifications to a court order.

Post-Divorce Modifications

Post-Divorce Modifications, Newberg Oregon

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