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Protecting Your Rights and Assets

Along with issues involving children, the division of marital assets and marital debts can generate intense discord. This is to be expected, because the property settlement you receive upon your divorce will form the basis of your finances for some time to come.


At The Hansen Law Firm, we have extensive experience in property division matters in divorce. We are highly cognizant of the financial, taxation and practical aspects of asset and debt division, and we work hard to obtain the best possible settlement for every client.Contact us to schedule a consultation about your case.


Property Division in Oregon

Oregon is an equitable distribution state, meaning that marital property and debts are divided on a fair, but not necessarily equal basis. Your separate property (including the property you brought into the marriage, inheritances and certain gifts) is yours to keep. Problems can arise in the division process though, if separate property has been transformed into marital property — for example, when a couple pools their separate savings to buy a house.


Our attorneys understand how to identify, trace and value separate property. We can also call upon experts in disciplines such as real estate appraisal and business valuation when the need arises. Our Portland and Newberg asset division lawyers will work diligently throughout the legal process to protect your rights and assets. We want to help you achieve a fair property settlement that enables you to move into the future with confidence.


What Happens to the House?

For many couples, the house is their biggest asset. These days, determining what to do with the house can raise difficult questions.


What if the house is worth less than the outstanding mortgage? If one spouse wants to keep the house, how do you divide the mortgage debt? Can one spouse afford the mortgage payment, property taxes and maintenance costs on a single income? Are there offsetting marital assets that can be distributed to the other spouse?


Our attorneys have answers for these questions and a solution for you. We will review your situation and develop a solution that is right for you.


Contact Our Firm

For a consultation with an experienced Portland property division lawyer,contact our firm.


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Property Division After Seperation or Divorce

Property Division, Newberg Oregon

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