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Portland Area Truck Accident Attorneys

Vigorous Representation for Accident VictimsTruck drivers are on tight schedules, and many take needless risks in order to deliver their cargo on time. The result can be a serious or deadly truck accident.


If you have suffered injuries in a truck accident, or a family member has died, you should speak with a personal injury attorney as soon as possible regarding your rights to compensation.


You can be sure that the trucking company and its insurance company will have people on the scene quickly and a team of lawyers seeking to deny your claim or minimize compensation. You need a strong team of advocates on your side, working hard to help you get all of the compensation you deserve.


The Hansen Law Firm works diligently to obtain compensation for truck accident victims and their families. Our attorneys do not rest until they have done everything possible to obtain results for our clients.


Contact us today for a free consultation with an experienced Oregon semi accident attorney.


Building a Strong and Successful Case

Our firm will handle all aspects of your case. While you are recovering, we will investigate the accident with the help of a professional accident reconstruction specialist. This will include a complete review of driver logs, vehicle maintenance records and other information that trucking companies are required to collect.Our lawyers will calculate the full extent of your financial losses and emotional suffering.


We will advocate for you vigorously at all stages of the legal process, seeking maximum compensation for you.


Free Consultation With a Lawyer

For a free consultation with a Portland area truck accident lawyer, contact The Hansen Law Firm.

Commercial Trucking Accident Attorney, Newberg Oregon

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