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Obtaining Compensation and Justice in Fatal Accident Cases

When a family member dies in an accident, it can take some time to recover. However, you should consult with an attorney as soon as possible to discuss your rights, and what can be done to obtain compensation and justice for the loss of your loved one.


The Hansen Law Firm is a firm that represents the families of fatal accident victims in wrongful death lawsuits. We are experienced advocates who work diligently to help our clients get the compensation they need to rebuild their lives.


To learn how we can help you in this difficult time, contact our firm. We represent families throughout northwest Oregon, including Newberg, Portland, McMinnville and Beaverton.


Fatal Accident Attorneys Who Will Advocate for You

In your case, our firm will undertake a comprehensive legal effort designed to obtain full and complete compensation for you. Working with an accident investigator or other experts, we will document how the accident happened and establish the negligence of the responsible party. Our lawyers will also make a full accounting of your financial and emotional losses for inclusion in your claim. The Hansen Law Firm will be your strong advocate, seeking the best possible result for you.


Money alone can never replace what you have lost. But in our society, a wrongful death claim may be the only way to obtain justice for the loss of a loved one in a fatal accident. The Hansen Law Firm will work hard to build a strong and successful case, seeking a result that provides maximum compensation and closure for your family.


Contact Our Firm

For a free consultation with a Newberg wrongful death attorney, contact The Hansen Law Firm.


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Newberg Area Wrongful Death Lawyers

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